Innovation For Children & Youth Development

We Engage Children In:

Sports & Physical Education

Enhance children's physical and social skills through engaging sports and physical education activities.

Arts, Crafts, & Engineering

Foster creativity and critical thinking in children through arts, crafts, and engineering projects.

Coding & Educational apps

Equip children with essential coding skills and knowledge through interactive educational apps.

Eco-friendly projects & field trips

Promote eco-friendly habits & environmental awareness in children through gardening and educational trips.

Emergency Relief for Vulnerable People in Crisis

Chronic illness medications

Ensure access to vital medications for individuals facing chronic illnesses, promoting health and well-being.
Vulnerable & Displaced People Supported

Supplies & Cash Transfer

Provide essential supplies & cash transfer to female tea tenders during COVID-19 lockdown, and flood affected people offering immediate relief and support.
Flood Impacted Families, & Female Tea Tenders Supported

Support Educators & Local Community

Empowering Teachers & Local Schools

Building teachers capacity, and provide schools with creative learning materials to support an inclusive play-based learning environment.

Educate Parents about Holistic Development

Educate parents on holistic child development, empowering them to actively contribute to their children's growth.

Monthly Community Cleanups

Cultivate a sense of community responsibility through monthly cleanups, teaching children the importance of environmental stewardship.

Community meetings & outreach

Facilitate community engagement through regular meetings, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for children's well-being.