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Positive Youth Development

We provide the most vulnerable young children in the disadvantaged communities in Sudan and Uganda to have positive influence. To achieve this goal, we provide Youth safe space to nurture their physical wellbeing, creativity, communication, and leadership skills. Our core belief is that youth in Sudan and Uganda need good role model as their guidance as they embark on their life journey. Only then will they stay focused in schools to do well academically and in building their capacities towards brighter future. In Uganda for example, the population is young and plays a dynamic role in the country’s economy, so if nurtured well they will be catalysts in changing their communities. According to the UNFP survey, 34.8% of Ugandan population of 34.6 million are adolescents. Therefore, our activities are centered on meeting the critical needs of this demographic in the disadvantaged communities we serve. We believe that if youth’s energy is channeled towards positive activities, it can prevent them to engage in negative activities within their societies. It’s very important to empower them to think freely and have access to the necessary tools to be force of good in their communities.
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We provide remedial education, crafts, and art sessions to help children within our programs develop cognitively and improve their communication skills. Our dedicated volunteers and staff provide these children with a safe space to learn how to read, write, and tell stories while learning how to be creative using toys and having fun. We believe that children learn best when the learning environment is flexible, fun, and child-centered. When conditions are right, children can develop confidence and express themselves freely thus in the process developing their communication skills.
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Crisis Response

Kele Global believes that crises are destined to happen. As a holistic approach, KG stands ready to intervene in times of need to help in relief efforts working in partnerships with local communities. In Uganda, during the longest COVID-19 lockdown, our team worked with the vulnerable children who couldn't attend school to practice outdoor sports activities to stay mentally and physically healthy. We also coordinate monthly community cleanup whereby we sensitize the communities about health awarenss during COVID and how they can change their behavior to avoid diseases. In Sudan, in 2019, we helped 30 families to build their homes after they have been demolished in the floods caused by the overflowing of the River Nile. We also were able to help 150 families mostly single women and widows to put food or buy medicine for their loved ones since they could not work during the lockdown during COVID-19.
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To help victims of the floods in Sudan to assist them as they deal with this natural environmental crisis due to the River Nile floods.
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Donations in the USA are tax deductable. KeleGlobal is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Employee Identification Number: 85-1073334
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Working with and through communities, we believe that it is our core responsibility to supplement existing local resources for sustainable development.
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