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Challenges Facing Youth Education

“While growing up in my country of Sudan, we faced many challenges in figuring out what path to take in life during our high school years. In a country of political turmoil, and instability, we did not have access to mentoring programs nor any good role model, regardless, we made concerted efforts to tap into the Sudanese collective spirit of where everyone one gives you advice, and as a result, we found ourselves listening to various people guiding us to pursue careers and education. This was at best ad hoc basis and could be counterproductive with many inputs, consequently, we stumbled quite a great deal of time before we found our calling to help in furthering humanity. Therefore, we believe deeply in our hearts that advancing the potentials of human dignity can only happen by unleashing their power. When this is achieved, it’s our belief that each person would attain a remarkable capacity to do good and succeed in making our world a better place.” Founder Hashem Mekki

Kele Global Youth Sports Club and Leadership Academy - Uganda

Kele Global Youth Sports Club and Leadership Academy - Uganda

Kele Global supports youth sports in the Kasenke and Godown area aged 3 -18 years old. This is a very poor neighborhood located on Naguru hill in Kampala, Uganda. The children and youth of Godown and the Kasenke have been out of school since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated school closures, which has exacerbated the poverty of their families and the neighborhood. The kids are not able to access online schooling due to their financial circumstances. During this time, many boys and a few girls still come out to the school fields where they gather daily to play football, rugby, tennis, netball, and other sports, mostly on their own initiative and mostly without shoes or other equipment. Most girls are staying home, helping families with chores, although some come to the fields to play. For all children, there are widespread reports of abuse, teen pregnancies, hunger due to lack of school feeding programs and the challenging economic conditions, and other problems.
Above all, during school closures, children and youth are left with no options for learning or positive development. At the end of July 2021, the government announced that the school closures would continue until a sufficient proportion of children aged 12-18 could get vaccinated, which seems to be a very distant goal. Children are excited and motivated by sports activities, which have the potential to enhance both physical fitness and soft skills including leadership, teamwork, and a positive outlook on the future.

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