Crisis Relief

“When disaster strikes, it tears the curtain away from the festering problems that we have beneath them,”

Kele Global believes that natural disasters, crises, and other emergencies are destined to happen and Sudanese people should be prepared. As a holistic approach, KG stands ready to intervene in times of need to help in relief efforts working in partnerships with local communities, governments, and other stakeholders. With limited resources, KG brings the donations we raise to go directly to benefit the people in need.


In our most recent 2019 relief efforts, KG worked with local community members and state stakeholders on the ground in Sudan to assist families in their times of seasonal rainy floods, droughts, and health emergencies associated with this crisis. Kele Global responded to the call of families who lost either all or partial homes and lifesaving assets to the seasonal floods. Working with community members, KG was able to reach 30 families in Mandela, a neighborhood in Khartoum. Each family was able to receive cash relief and use it towards rebuilding their demolished homes in the affected areas along the river Nile in Khartoum. 

Once again, during the 2020 COVID -19 pandemic, KG is working with core volunteers on the ground and managed to identify and provide financial and food items assistance to the 150 vulnerable families on the ground in and around the suburbs of Khartoum. These families have been stuck inside their homes to avoid the spread of coronavirus with any means of income since they have lost jobs.

Let’s put our hands together to help those who in need.