Visionary Leadership in 2021 Africa

Start time May 15, 2021 19:00
Finished Time May 15, 2021 20:30
Address Online Event
Empowering and Inspiring Youth to become Agents of Change in Building their Societies

About this event

With 54 countries and a population of 1.3 billion people, Africa is considered the youngest and fastest-growing continent. With this sizable population, linguistically, culturally, socially diverse continent, Africa has the momentum to become a great continent for all its inhabitants. Africa has an abundance of natural resources and human capital that makes the continent the envy of the world.

Furthermore, Africa has the youngest population of any continent, with 226 million people between the ages of 15 and 24. And it’s growing: The number of young people in Africa is expected to double by 2045. By that time, the African workforce will become the largest in the world, too. To bring about positive change and create opportunities for our future leaders, a central element in this change is how the continent should benefit its citizens. Who better can deliver on this promise other than today’s youth, who are the future leaders and baton bearers of a brighter future to pave the road for Africa? Our Youth leaders as agents of change can help Africa take off towards social cohesion, peace, stability, and economic prosperity.

Our distinguished panelists and experts will analyze and provide in-depth analysis, strategic plans, and critical tool kits on the opportunities and strategic approaches of moving the continent forward.